Hold the dates – April to June 2021

Don’t miss these RASBJ events!

— April 28: “The Year 1000, When Globalisation Began” by Valerie Hansen (online)

–May 8:   “Lao She”, a narrated tour of the author’s house by Eileen Vickery (in-person)

–May 12: “Dinosaurs-what humans can learn from their rise and fall” by Steve Brusatte (online)

–May 15: Excursion to the Imperial Tile Factory (Guqin workshop)

–May 19:  “The Boundless Ocean” by David Abulafia (online)

–May 26: Talk with Jeremiah Jenne at “Black Sesame Kitchen“

–June 2: “Modern Chinese literature” by Susan Daruvala (online)

–June 9: “Future Made in China; Shenzhen“ a talk with Frank Sieren on his new book

–June 16: “The Chinese Communist Party: a Century in Ten Lives” a talk by authors Hans van de Ven, Klaus Muehhahn and Tim Cheek (online)