Hold the dates -March and April 2021

Don’t miss the RASBJ’s events this spring:

— March 3: “Jade Camel Ships on the Silk Road” by Angus Forsyth (online)

— March 17: “China discovers Europe, around 1900” by Ines von Racknitz (online)

— March 24: “History of BASF in China” by Joerg Wuttke (in person, German Embassy)

— March 30: “The Life and Times of Peking Opera Performer Mei Lanfang” by Melinda Liu (in person talk-and-dinner at Black Sesame Kitchen)

—  April 8: “Monkey King” by Julia Lovell, organised by RAS in Shanghai (online)

— April 9-11: “Spring Blossoms on the Wild Wall”, a weekend excursion led by William Lindesay, OBE (in person)

— April 28: “The Year 1000, When Globalisation Began” by Valerie Hansen (online)