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The Royal Asiatic Society Beijing

The Royal Asiatic Society Beijing (RASBJ) aims to bring China and the rest of the world closer together.


The Royal Asiatic Society

The Royal Asiatic Society Beijing (RASBJ) aims to bring China and the rest of the world closer together.


We offer talks, online discussions, expert-led tours and publications which explore Chinese culture, history, society, art, architecture and science. RASBJ is a branch of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. RAS was established in London in 1823, and HRH The Prince of Wales is its patron. Click here to see a copy of RASBJ’s constitutional rules, as approved at the Dec. 3, 2020 Annual General Meeting

皇家亚洲学会北京分会(简称RASBJ) 致力于拉近中国和世界的距离。RASBJ 提供讲座、沙龙、深度文化旅行和专业出版物订阅服务,帮助我们的会员增强在中国文化、社会、哲学和科学领域的理解。RAS 隶属于1823年在伦敦成立的皇家亚洲学会,学会的赞助人是威尔士亲王殿下。

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RASBJ engages Chinese and international academics, policy-makers, artists and media in exploring interactions between China and the rest of the world – past, present and future. We offer:

  • Talks on history, science, diplomacy, cinema, art , ecology and other issues impacting Beijing 
  • Expert-led tours of museums, exhibitions, and historical venues in Beijing and other parts of China
  • Online discussions — for a global audience — relating to books, trends, and society
  • Archives related to bringing China and the rest of the world closer together
  • The Journal and Monographs, published by the Royal Asiatic Society China
  • Events, click here to see details of all of our events


RASBJ 邀请中外学者、政策制定者、艺术家和媒体共同推动中国与世界其他各国之间的交流,着眼现在,回溯历史,放眼未来。我们提供的活动和服务如下:

  • 对话:在文化、社会、哲学和科学领域,为会员提供参与对话的机会
  • 与专家同行:短途参访如北京的博物馆、展览和古迹,远途旅行如中国各地的名胜
  • 演讲:演讲的主题涵盖读书、艺术、舞蹈、电影和其他中国文化领域,特别是那些关于北京的话题。
  • 档案:收集那些有助于增强中国与世界联系的资料,为会员提供研究便利
  • 学刊和专著:会员将有资格订阅和购买由皇家亚洲学会出版的学刊和专著


The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland was founded in London in 1823. It has affiliated societies throughout Asia and is renowned for its contributions over almost 200 years to knowledge and scholarship in science, literature and the arts of Asia.  Its Patron is HRH The Prince of Wales.

The Royal Asiatic Society China (active from 1858 to 1952) formally reconvened the activities of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society in Shanghai in 2007. The Royal Asiatic Society Beijing was established in April 2013; it has an advisory group from China’s business and policy communities, and a core team responsible for implementation. It is an independent non-profit volunteer organisation.




RASBJ 成立于2013年4月,是皇家亚洲学会的分会。RASBJ 已组建了一个由驻京商业领袖和政策专家组成的顾问团和一个负责运营的核心团队。我们是一个独立和非营利的志愿者组织。



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RASBJ is a volunteer organisation, and we can always use more help!

Volunteers are welcome in the areas of:

  • Events–  helping with logistics at specific  events, and with general organisation
  • Membership – helping contact members, organise members-only activities, and manage our databases
  • Archives– helping catalogue archives and photographs

If you would like to get involved with one of our dynamic and innovative teams, please email us