“Du Fu, ‘barbarians’, and China’s psyche” by EU Ambassador Chapuis

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“Du Fu, ‘barbarians’, and China’s psyche” by EU Ambassador Chapuis

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WHAT: “Du Fu, ‘barbarians’ and China’s psyche”, by Amb. N. Chapuis, followed by Q&A

WHEN: Oct 21 Wednesday 20:00 -21:00 Beijing Standard Time. PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT STARTS AT 8:00 PM IN BEIJING.

MORE ABOUT THE EVENT:  Renowned Tang poet Du Fu (712-770) witnessed the bloodiest war that China endured in classical times. The Sogdian General An Lushan (or Roxshan in old Turkic, meaning “the Bright”) claimed the Tang throne in 755, killing millions of Han Chinese in the process. Later, Du Fu witnessed Uighur and Tibetan incursions. China’s first “protest song” poet, Du Fu and his writings shed light on China’s attitude towards war and so-called “barbarians” which continue to resonate in the Chinese psyche.

MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Amb. Nicolas Chapuis graduated in Chinese and Mongolian Studies in Paris, France. He has translated works by Qian Zhongshu 钱钟书, Yang Jiang 杨绛, and the great Tang poet Du Fu 杜甫. He is currently the EU Ambassador to China (and may be persuaded to answer a couple questions about EU-China relations as well).

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Date And Time

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 @ 20:00


Zoom: Beijing Timezone

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