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Bringing China and the World Together

融合世界 汇聚思想



East Meets West,

The Epic Journeys of Marco Polo and Zheng He: One Belt, One Road

Having traveled the world for National Geographic over the past 30 years, award-winning photographer Michael Yamashita has a special affinity for trailblazers such as Marco Polo and Zheng He. Please join us for his talk on following the 13th century footsteps of Marco Polo -- from Venice to the Far East – and of Chinese admiral Zheng He, whose 300-ship fleet made seven voyages on the maritime Silk Road in the 15th century, 100 years before Europe's great age of exploration. Against the backdrop of Beijing’s current One Belt, One Road initiative -- which retraces some of the journeys of Marco Polo and Zheng He -- Yamashita will present a photographic historical narrative of the travels of these two men, both modern thinkers well ahead of their times.

WHAT: “JOURNEYS OF MARCO POLO AND ZHENG HE” by U.S. photographer Michael Yamashita
WHEN: Oct. 11, Wednesday 19:30 to 21:00 PM
HOW MUCH: RMB 50 for members of RASBJ, Yale in China, Cultural Heritage Preservation; RMB 100 for non-members

RSVP: email communications.ras.bj@gmail.com by Nov. 5 and write “Yamashita” in the subject header. Please say how many seats you’d like and for whom (full names please)

More about the speaker:   Photographer Michael Yamashita was born in San Francisco in 1949, and began working for National Geographic in 1979. Since then he's traveled widely,  from Somalia to Sudan, from U.K. to Papua New Guinea. He's specialized in Asia for the past decade, and is the author of more than nine photographic books such as Zheng He: Tracing the Epic Voyages of China’s Greatest ExplorerJapan: The Soul of a Nation, and Marco Polo, A Photographer’s Journey. Yamashita has won numerous awards from the National Press Photographers Association and the Asian American Journalists Association



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  On Nov. 8 you're invited to a presentation by award-winning American photographer Mike Yamashita, of National Geographic fame, on his photographic journey along the ancient Silk Roads, following in the footsteps of Marco Polo and Chinese admiral Zheng He and highlighting the ambitions of China's current "One Belt, One Road" initiative.




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