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A Bridge between China and the Rest of the World



An RASBJ Zoom talk with Black Sesame Kitchen founder Jen Lin-Liu on how restaurants in China and around the world are adapting to a new reality 

April 3, 20:00-21:00 China Time

WHAT: An RASBJ online discussion with Black Sesame Kitchen founder Jen Lin-Liu, on how restaurants in China survived the pandemic crisis and what the West can learn from their lessons, followed by Q&A.

WHEN: April 3, Friday, 20:000-21:000 China time

WHERE: Online via Zoom.

HOW MUCH: free for RASBJ members and associates worldwide; if you're not an RASBJ member, but become one by April 2, you'll be sent the login details for this event.

HOW TO BECOME AN RASBJ MEMBER OR ASSOCIATE: If you’re a non-member and wish to become a member (or, for PRC passport-holders, to become an associate), please befriend Treasurer John Olbrich on Wechat at johnobeijing and send him your name, nationality, mobile number and email address plus the annual subscription amount (or, for aspiring associates, the suggested donation) of RMB 300 for those resident in China, RMB 200 for those resident overseas, and RMB 100 for students.  RASBJ members and associates enjoy free access to RASBJ Zoom events.

MORE ABOUT THE EVENT: Jen Lin-Liu founded the popular Beijing cooking school and restaurant Black Sesame Kitchen which thrived for more than a decade — until the Coronavirus struck. While Black Sesame Kitchen remains temporarily closed, Jen is using her skills as a writer and journalist to explore how the restaurant industry in China is picking up the pieces as COVID-19 subsides within China’s borders -- and what lessons can be applied to the rest of the world.  What new dining and eating trends are emerging during the Coronavirus crisis? Are there innovations that the rest of the world can apply?


Thanks to all who've attended RASBJ's successful online events, including Lar Ulrik Thom on "How The Boxer Rebellion Promoted Xenophobic Stereotypes" on Mar 25, award-winning author Paul French's Mar. 20 talk about "Murders of Old China", Jim Nobles' on "The Metal Rat: Years of Living Dangerously", and historian Jeremiah Jenne discussing Jung Chang's book on the Soong sisters. 
     Although many of us are in distant lands or under quarantine -- or, most likely, both -- RASBJ continues to provide fresh, unique content to the intellectually curious all over the world via Zoom. 
    Our next online speaker is April 3, Friday, when Black Sesame Kitchen founder Jen Lin-Liu will discuss how China-based  restaurants experienced the pandemic crisis -- and what the West can learn from their lessons.  See you on Zoom -- and stay safe!

NEWS FOR MEMBERS: To enter the Members' Section on the website, go to the lower lefthand corner of the homepage, find "members login" and enter the password.  If you believe you're an RASBJ member but haven't been given the password, please email enquiries@rasbj.org to ask for it (after ensuring you're fully paid up).  Only members in good standing will have access to the Members' Section.   



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