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Bringing China and the World Together

融合世界 汇聚思想


Oct. 15, Mon:

You’re invited to our Oct. 15 discussion on “How to Broaden Chinese Education with International Skills”. Learn how the panelists from three quite different fields -- music, football and fashion design –- internationalize and broaden the educational horizons of young Chinese.

WHEN: Oct. 15, Monday, beginning 7:30 PM

WHERE: The Bookworm, Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, tel: 6586 9507

HOW MUCH: Free for RASBJ and Bookworm Members (no free drink), ¥ 60 for others, including a welcome drink.

RSVP: Please scan Bookworm’s QR code to registeR, or reply to order@beijingbookworm.com





MORE ABOUT THE EVENT: Three experts in their respective fields will talk, for 20 minutes each, on their experiences while coaching Chinese youth to help bring them up to international standards. Discussion and audience QA will follow. 

Dec. 6, Thursday: RASBJ Annual General Meeting

Notice of Meeting

NOTICE is hereby given that the annual general meeting (the “AGM”) of the members of the Royal Asiatic Society China, Beijing (“RASBJ”) will be held in Beijing on 6 December 2018 at 8:00 p.m. for the purpose of:reviewing the year’s activities, and receiving the Treasurer’s report;

  1. reviewing the year’s activities, and receiving the Treasurer’s report;
  2. considering and approving to amend the present constitutional rules of RASBJ;
  3. reviewing nominations of and electing Officers to serve in the positions below for the upcoming year:
  1. a President of RASBJ
  2. a Vice-President of RASBJ
  3. a Branch Secretary of RASBJ
  4. a Branch Treasurer of RASBJ
  5. a Branch Membership Secretary of RASBJ

4)   electing Members to assume specific roles assigned to them by RASBJ as additional Officers, including a Website Manager and a new Events Director;

5) approving the auditor nominated by the RAS Beijing Council.

 Dated this 28th day of September 2018




         We hope you can join our panel discussion on "Broadening Chinese Education with International Skills" Oct. 15, beginning 7:30 PM at the Bookworm.  Three experts representing quite different fields -- music, football and fashion design -- will discuss their experiences helping Chinese youth broaden their horizons. 

     RASBJ members are invited to our Annual General Meeting and dinner on the evening of Dec. 6. (Attendees will be notified of details closer to the date). Each year the AGM is designed to be different, memorable and FUN! Last year RASBJ hosted a sumptuous dinner and an historical walking tour of the famous (and infamous) Peking Hotel, led by Lars Ulrik Thom.  The year before we gathered at Capital M for a winetasting presentation by Fongyee Walker, and a fantastic meal.  We hope to see all RASBJ membes this year (and if you cannot attend please nominate a proxy)!




Royal Asiatic Society China, Beijing members and their guests are asked to please wear appropriate footwear and clothing when attending events or excursions, and to adhere to any safety instructions or other codes of conduct. Please also bear in mind the physical requirements of participating in the event or trip. Participation in events and excursions is at your own risk: the Royal Asiatic Society China,  Beijing accepts no liability for any loss or damage, including personal injury or damage to property.

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