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Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing

RASBJ aims to bring China and the rest of the world closer together.



 RASBJ/ 北京煌雅文化, based in Beijing, China offers in-person talks, online discussions, expert-led tours and other activities which explore Chinese and Asian culture, history, society, literature, art, architecture and science.

RASBJ/ 北京煌雅文化 engages Chinese and international scholars, artists, writers, journalists and commentators , and former government officials,  in exploring a wide range of topics on China and Asia, as well as interactions between China and the rest of the world – past, present and future. We offer:

Click here to see a copy of RASBJ’s constitutional rules, as approved at the Dec. 3, 2020 Annual General Meeting

And here are the amended Regulations (or constitution),  to be voted upon at the Aug. 18, 2021 RASBJ Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). To see a copy of the Deed of Covenants, which includes assurances to Subscribers, please click here

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Talks on the natural and social sciences, history and culture, architecture and archaeology, the visual and performing arts and other topics impacting Asia and China–

  • Expert-led tours of museums, exhibitions, and historical venues in Beijing and other parts of China
  • Online discussions — for a global audience — relating to books, trends, and society. RASBJ has organized over 200 such events since its establishment in 2013.
  • Archives, including recordings of over 50 recent talks, on a range of topics related to bringing Asia and the rest of the world closer together
  • The Journal and Monographs, published by the Royal Asiatic Society China
  • Events, click here to see details of all of our events


RASBJ is one of several organisations in Asia associated with The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, which was founded in London in1823.




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RASBJ/ 北京煌雅文化 welcomes PRC citizens and foreigners to join as members. Annual fees are R400 for residents of China, R300 for Overseas and under 26 years. To learn more about membership, and join, please see www.rasbj.org/membership---( on website we can just say please see here with link) For details of all upcoming and past events please see www.rasbj.org (on website we can just say please see here with link)




RASBJ is a volunteer organisation, and we can always use more help!

Volunteers are welcome in the areas of:

  • Events–  helping with logistics at specific  events, and with general organisation
  • Membership – helping contact members, organise members-only activities, and manage our databases
  • Archives– helping catalogue archives and photographs

If you would like to get involved with one of our dynamic and innovative teams, please email us